Our Story

Engrained in our memories and camera rolls, we’ve accumulated inspirations over the years by witnessing businesses’ holistic approach to their endeavours — marrying community, social good, the environment, wellness, kindness, and aesthetics into one.

A restaurant centred around slow living and quality ingredients, a home goods store that operates in a plastic-free environment, a business with an office that values work-life balance, a cafe that views coffee and roasting as the intersection of art and science. These are all things that we appreciate and are immensely enlightened by as we visit and experience each of these businesses in the city we live in and around the world.

Ultimately, this is how we’ve come to establish Studio Prolific. As a way for us to take inspiration from the world around us so that we can reflect it back into the world. Design and branding is our tool and craft, but what we live for is the fruit that comes out of it as we partner with good and honest people with businesses that reflect just that.

Services from strategy to execution

Research & Strategy

Discovery & Research
User Research
Brand Strategy
Content Strategy

creative direction

Brand Identity Photography Direction
Copywriting Direction

print & Environmental

Publications & Editorials
Signage & Wayfinding
Print Collateral


UX/UI Design
Web Design & Development
Digital Collateral

Our Values

Planting Seeds for growth
— Strategic Design thinking

Our approach interweaves both strategy and design. Beginning each project with discovery, we use our holistic lens of branding in order to achieve your objectives and goals. Through this, we establish an understanding of your brand beyond aesthetics — considering all aspects of your business.

Nurturing ideas together
— Collaboration & Community

We invite you and your team into the design process along with us to develop and refine ideas together. By collaborating from project commencement to completion, we aim to create work that is authentic and meaningful to you, your team, and your community.

Reaping the fruit of your work
— equipping & empowerment

Having confidence in your brand is your key to success. As such, we work towards equipping you with the most relevant design tools and assets for you to carry your brand forward with confidence.